Sloeberry Farm
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Booking Conditions


Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Thank you for booking to stay with us to stay at Sloeberry Farm. Please take some time to read through our cancellation policy and terms and conditions as they contain essential information that forms part of the contract between you and Sloeberry Farm.


Cancellation policy for our Bell Tents and Lodges.

Bookings made through our website booking system by credit or debit card take full/part payment at the point of booking.  At this point your holiday is considered confirmed and the following cancellation policies apply.  

You may cancel your holiday with Sloeberry Farm at any time; however the following fee structure will apply:

The cancellation fee is based on the total cost of the holiday and the number of full weeks before arrival that written notification of cancellation is received. 

Notification of more than 8 weeks - Fee 50% of total holiday cost

Notification of less than 8 weeks - Fee 100% of total holiday cost

Premature termination of stay - Fee 100% of total holiday cost


Administration charge

We reserve the right to levy an administration charge of £30 for amendments to your booking arrangements in addition to any other charges applicable. In principle, amendments are not permitted within 8 weeks of your arrival date.


Sloeberry Farm terms and conditions & Bell Tent and Lodge rental:

The rent of each Bell Tent and Lodge includes the following, in addition to the facilities listed in the welcome pack:

  • Rental of tent, pitch, deck and furnishings, parking, use of and access to designated areas of camp grounds, use of water, VAT where applicable.

  • As our planning permission is very strict we are unable to allow guests to pitch another tent, gazebo, shelter etc next to their Lodge or Bell Tent

It is the policy of Sloeberry Farm that children and/or pets are not to be left unattended in the Bell Tents or Lodges at any time.  Please also see sections “Dogs at Sloeberry Farm” "your Lodge/Bell Tent" and "Check Out Check List" as this also forms part of the booking conditions.

No smoking/vaping is permitted in any Sloeberry Farm building, covered area, Bell Tent, Lodge or associated decking areas.

No smoking / vaping is allowed in any communal area including the carpark, shelter, pathways or honesty shop

The only place guests are permitted to smoke/vape is at the picnic table associated with their accommodation.

There are plenty of areas to explore on the property, we want everyone to have fun but if you have children or pets please supervise them at all times, there are steep drops, deep water and all the hazards found on a working farm.



Well behaved pets are allowed subject to prior confirmation and approval, just add on the relevant dog surcharge at the time of booking.

Please also note that as the pet’s owner you are responsible for controlling your pet and clearing up after them- dogs play where children play, so please clean up after they foul and use the bins provided. If pets become a nuisance to other guests, guidelines are not followed and the situation cannot be resolved we reserve the right to request that the pet and or owner leave the site.  No refund will be given in this situation.

No dogs are to be left unattended in Bell Tents or Lodges, crated or otherwise.

Dogs must be kept on short leads and supervised at all times.

We do not accept breeds/crossbreeds listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Please see additional terms for dog owners below “Dogs at Sloeberry Farm” as this also forms part of the booking conditions


Arrivals and Departures:

Check-in time is between 4.00pm-7.00pm on the day of arrival.  If you think you will be arriving after 7.00pm please contact us.

Arrivals outside of stated check-in time by prior arrangement only and may not always be accommodated

If you arrive after 7pm we reserve the right to charge £25 late arrival fee for each unit of accommodation you have booked.

If you arrive late without prior agreement you may have to find alternative accommodation and return at 10 am the following morning to complete check-in.

Guests can only be checked into the unit they are staying in and cannot check in on behalf of other guests.

No refunds for inclement weather, late arrivals or early departures.

Units will be allocated on arrival.



Under 18s must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

No guests other than those detailed in the booking are permitted to visit the site.

No groups/hen/stag parties permitted without prior agreement, failure to notify may forfeit your stay.  Booking of two or more accommodation units constitutes a group irrespective of whether they are booked by independent guests or at different times.


Wood Burning Stoves/Fire Pits and BBQ’s Safety

Only wood burning stoves/FirePits and BBQs etc provided by Sloeberry Farm may be used on site and may only be used once whoever is designated to operate them has had instruction from a member of staff and has signed our confirmation of instruction and disclaimer form.

Operating / lit wood burning stoves, BBQs or FirePits  are not to be left unattended at any time. Fires and Barbecues are permitted but must be raised off the ground, only placed in the designated positions and attended by an adult at all times. 

BBQs and Firepits provided must not be moved to another position.

No naked flames are allowed inside the Bell Tents

No naked flames other than candles used in the holders provided are allowed inside the Lodge.



In order to make everyone’s stay at Sloeberry Farm enjoyable, all guests are requested to be considerate of others.

Inappropriate or anti-social behaviour may lead to removal from Sloeberry Farm without a refund of the rental sum or any part of it.

The management reserves the right to deny access or terminate the stay of those guests whose behaviour is deemed unsuitable. No refunds will be offered.



Please note we are a low noise site, as it is so quiet here any noise does tend to carry.

Please respect your fellow guests’ privacy.  Guests are not permitted to play amplified music at any time. After 10.00pm we request that all guests keep noise to a minimum even inside accommodation areas and if outside chatting should be with low voices.

If the site management or their representative feels the need to speak to the group during your stay about being too noisy the noise/damage deposit may be withheld and your stay may be terminated.

An additional noise deposit of £150 will be required for any group bookings or bookings consisting of four or more adults in a single unit.


No vehicles are to be taken into the meadows or by the Lodges or Bell Tents at any time.

All vehicles must be parked in the designated area.

Two car parking spaces per Lodge will be allocated on arrival, additional vehicles cannot be accommodated without prior arrangement

One car parking spaces per Bell Tent will be allocated on arrival, additional vehicles cannot be accommodated without prior arrangement

All vehicles are parked entirely at owners risk



A. Sloeberry Farm can accept no liability for theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of your stay.

B. The person who books assumes responsibility for any other guests within his/her party, their companions, their children, their pets and any others invited by you or them to the site. You and all members of your party are jointly and severally responsible for all loss, damage or injury which may arise, for Sloeberry Farm or any third party, as a direct or an indirect consequence of your party’s stay, irrespective of whether this was caused through actions or refraining from actions by themselves or by third parties, who are at the farm through their making, as well as of all damage which is caused by any animal and/or matter which they have under their responsibility.

C. If your accommodation or equipment is left in a poor condition resulting in additional cleaning, repair or replacement, you may be charged to cover the costs incurred.

D. The booking guest is responsible for behaviour of all other guests and we reserve the right to recover any damages or additional cleaning costs etc.

 The booking guest shall be liable for and indemnify Sloeberry Farm against any liabilities, damages, claims, costs, losses (whether direct or indirect and including loss of profits) and expenses incurred or paid by Sloeberry Farm arising from the use or occupation of the accommodation 

Force Majeure

Where any cancellation or change to your booking results from force majeure, our liabilities are limited. We cannot pay any compensation or meet any expenses or costs you may incur as a result of any such cancellation or change. "Force majeure" as interpreted by Sloeberrry Farm exists if the implementation of the agreement is entirely or partially, temporarily or permanently, prevented due to circumstances which are beyond the control of Sloeberry Farm, including without limitation threat of war, staff strikes, blockades, fire, an act of God,  floods, high winds and other disruptions or events. Sloeberry Farm are within their rights to close the location when they consider such circumstances as these make it necessary


Assumption of Risk

Remember that you will be staying on around working farms with live animals and potentially dangerous farm equipment among other hazards. Also you must be aware that some of the camp equipment (such as the gas burners, woodburning stoves, fire pits, BBQ's etc) may be dangerous if misused. Whilst we take great care to keep you safe, accidents can happen and neither we nor the farm are responsible for such accidents (to the greatest extent permitted by law). It is your responsibility to supervise any children. If you notice that any equipment looks faulty and/or unsafe you must inform the Sloeberry Farm as soon as possible. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance against the risk of accidents and your stay being cut short.



Should you find you have any complaint during your stay at Sloeberry Farm, please notify us immediately and we will do all we can to rectify the problem. Please refer the matter to the duty manager if you feel it necessary. Should you remain unsatisfied please notify us in writing within 7 days of the end of your stay.


  • Please see additional points included in “Your Sloeberry Farm Lodge” “Your Sloeberry Farm Bell Tent” these also form part of the booking conditions

  • Please see additional points included in “Dogs at Sloeberry Farm” these also form part of the booking conditions.

  • Vehicles Users at Sloeberry Farm do so at their own risk, Sloeberry Farm cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of property or vehicles in the car park or on the property

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you and all members of your party are familiar with our terms and conditions.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you and all members of your party are covered by appropriate insurance.

  • Camping can be dangerous. Although every care is taken in managing the various facilities, such as fire pits, wood burning stoves, camping gas stoves, hot tubs and ponds, Sloeberry Farm cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from any misadventure associated with any activity.

  • Sloeberry Farm guest are welcome to explore around the farm, certain areas may represent hazards and may not be accessed without specific permission. Guests who enter such areas do so at their own risk. Please respect the No Entry signs.

  • By completing a booking with Sloeberry Farm you agree to observe our guidance and recommendations and take full responsibility for your own safety.

  • By completing a booking with Sloeberry Farm you and all members of your party are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions.

Contact details

Please send all correspondence relating to Sloeberry Farm to:


Phone:       01239 513913

Please see documents in Additional Information : 

 “Your Sloeberry Farm Lodge” "Your Sloeberry Farm Bell Tent " these also form part of the booking conditions


dogs at sloeberry farm

We hope that your dog enjoys his break as much as you do.  We have some rules specifically for your pets to ensure that the everyone has a safe and enjoyable break.

We would ask that you keep your dog on the ground floor and off of furniture.  Please do not leave your pet unattended at any time in the Lodge, Bell Tent or Cottage

Wherever you are on the farm, fields, tracks or surrounding lanes please bag any dog mess and place in a tied off black bin bag or in the dog waste bin in the refuse area.

Please don’t just think, “I’ll kick some leaves over it”, “it’s not my garden someone else will do it” or “this field is just rough grass it doesn’t matter”.  There’s nothing worse than standing is someone else’s dogs mess, its not fertiliser and unbagged it poses a health hazard when carrying out maintenance such as strimming or mowing.

Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times (even just going to the car) whilst on the property regardless of how well behaved they are. Please be aware that there is a lake, some steep drops and often farm vehicles moving around. If your dogs need to run around off the lead to let off steam our local beaches are dog friendly and ideal for letting your pet run around.

We are surrounded by farms which often have livestock in the meadows, our chickens wander free range and some other guests just don’t like dogs.  It is safer for your dog to be on the lead at all times so we must insist this is adhered to.

We are sorry if this all feels a bit draconian but we have to have one set of rules regardless of the dog or owner to ensure everyone has a fun and safe stay at the farm. If you feel you are unable to comply with any of this you will have to leave Sloeberry Farm.