Sloeberry Farm

What else should i bring


what else should i bring with me? 

You should just be able to turn up and everything you need to have a great holiday will be there but...


Its worth bringing some wellies as dewy grass in the morning can be wetter than you think and no-one wants to start the day with damp trainers.


The weather is British! So no matter what time of the year you're coming we recommend being prepared for rain and shine. Layering is the key…


A hat is a good idea if you are planning to sit outside on an autumn evening.


Hot water bottles, slippers or thick socks to keep your toes cosy inside.  


Picnic rug if you fancy a picnic in the wild-flower meadow or by the stream


A few extra torches are handy, and some spare batteries. We provide lamps but there is no ambient lighting around the farm at night so a good torch is great for finding your way and making sure you don’t step on a frog in your flip flops.


A couple of extra boxes of matches, someone always misplaces the lighters we provide and you don’t want to be flameless as night draws in.


Evenings are longer without the distraction of TV and internet so some games to play as a family are always a good idea and bring along your favourite books to read by lamplight.


You’ll need to bring some store items, food (obviously) and cupboard essentials, salt, pepper, butter, oil if you are going in for some proper camp cooking, and maybe marshmallows for toasting on the fire, charcoal for BBQ and don’t forget your tea towels and additional black bags for any rubbish.

But don’t go overboard the nearest supermarket is only 10mins away.

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