Sloeberry Farm

What to expect



At Sloeberry Farm the days are longer, so take it easy, there's no rush..... the beach will be there tomorrow.

Afternoons drift gently into evening without the distractions of modern life you can just ..well just be....

Enjoy the experience of chatting to each other by lamplight, of long nights snuggled under a blanket lulled by the sounds of the logs crackling on an open fire, trying to spot a hedgehog snuffle by…



In our opinion campfires are a key part of camping. Not only do they offer warmth, and an atmospheric backdrop to an evening but they also provide plenty of heat for cooking. (We have lots of campfire recipes on request.)

Each lodge and bell tent has its own fire pit with access to a good supply of firewood which you can buy daily on site. Be it baking potatoes, toasting marshmallows or cooking a cowboy chilli, as the stars start to twinkle, the camp fire becomes the centrepiece of your evening.



Will I Be WarM ENOUGh?

Our lodges and bell tents are very luxurious, weatherproof, windproof and made of thick, protective canvas, to keep the warmth in without shutting the sounds of nature out.

Each is equipped with superwarm duvets and cosy blankets but pyjamas are always a good idea for bedtime along with a hot water bottle to keep your toes toasty.

Photo by double_p/iStock / Getty Images

washing? and the loos?

A hot shower is crucial after a day out on the beach, all of our showers supply a limitless amount of hot water (no searching for coins to put in a meter which runs out just when you have got your shampoo in) and all of our toilets are modern flushing variety.




You’ll need to bring some store items, food (obviously) and cupboard essentials, salt, pepper, butter, oil if you are going in for some proper camp cooking, and maybe marshmallows for toasting on the fire, don’t forget your tea towels and black bags for any rubbish.

But don’t go overboard the nearest supermarket is only 10 minutes away

What else should I bring along ?